Espárragos Ecológicos Blancos 6/12 Frutos Gruesos
Asparagus 6/12 pieces
Asparagus 6/12 pieces
Asparagus 6/12 pieces

Asparagus 6/12 pieces

Organic Farming

Careful and swift harvesting, together with meticulous peeling, give our asparagus their exquisite flavour and extremely delicate texture.

Origin: Navarra (Spain).

Ingredients: White asparagus from certified organic farms, water and salt.



Net weight: 340 gr.

Dry Weight: 205 gr.

VAT included


Certifications and Quality Seals:

Registro Gourmet Registro Europa Registro Navarra Registro Espárrago de Navarra

Discover ékolo’s full range of Juices, Purées, Jams, Tomato and Piperade, Preserves and Oils. Raw materials straight from the farm, with no use of cold rooms or freezers.

  • 100% organic.
  • 100% natural: never made from concentrates and with absolutely no additives.
  • 100% flavour: the very highest quality when it comes to pureness and flavour.
  • The vast majority of our raw materials comes from the vegetable gardens of Navarre (Spain).
  • Excellent value for money: gourmet products at affordable prices.
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